Friday, March 06, 2009

The movies...
I am embarrassed to admit this as Oscar season has come and gone but I went and saw Slumdog Millionaire...AND LOVED IT!
Can't wait to get my chubby little arse over to India (surely won't be chubby by the time I get back!). I read the book, which was good. But I really loved the movie, as different as it was to the book.
Isn't Frieda Pinto the most beautiful thing...and little Ayush and Azharuddin were too damned cute!
It was real and unreal, beautiful and harsh, nauseating and breathtaking...all at the same time.
A beautiful job was done by Danny Boyle.
But as Trainspotting showed real potential, no surprise he delivered this gem.
Rumour has it the next 007 will be his....
Ah, the doors the little golden man opens for you!

Cool stuff...
I love fashion that does more than one thing...and I really like what Nelson Molloy does...and, you can now by online. Yay!

Cool people...
Lily rock! I saw an interview on ROVE and I loved how natural you were....just yourself. It was super cool...and you are lovely.

Cool hotels....
Check out Design Hotels...some amazing and unique places to stay. The sort of places that I would love to stay when ever I travel. Similar to HIPHotels...another firm favourite.

Kiss kiss love love


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