Sunday, February 25, 2007

What have I loved lately...

'Minus nine to one' The Diary of an honest mum by Jools Oliver
I love the Oliver's and now I love Jools Oliver even more after this book. It almost made me want to rush out and get pregnant, almost but not quite. Jools did a great job, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I can't wait till I actually am pregnant and can read it again.

Lee Jeans Lo Ryder Bootcut Stretch (Style 64246)
Great cut, great colour...just love them!

I am really enjoying this smell at the moment, right up there with the favourites like vanilla and cinnamon. Great as a diffusion oil (with the sticks) and in hand creams

Other people's weddings
Still not bored on this front and still buying heaps of mags...especially the English mags such as Weddings, You and Your Wedding and the Australian and English Cosmo Bride...highly recommended

And on the note of weddings and needing to look hot for mine, a big congrats to me...with my lovely new Brooke runners, I completed my 1st ever 11km fun run in 1 hour and 13 mins...I was well impressed with the effort and will do all to maintain. I just love thinking I am cool like the rich and famous and go jogging "to keep fit". Where is Central Park when you need it!

And that is it for now...will keep you posted on any great new things.


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