Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wow, I can't get over how slack I am at this blogger stuff...I reckon it is because I am on the computer ALL day at work and so just can't stomach it in the evenings too. A bit lame I know, but true. The funny part is once I get going, it is actually quite fun.

I have however found a few things to add to my list of why life is so damn good:

1. Sheercover - just awesome! The only thing I don't like is that it isn't totally natural. I think it contains parabens unlike some other mineral foundations. But I tell you what, the most flawless coverage you can imagine! Crazy really. I had tried i.d minerals before but found it a bit "glittery", a lot like bronzer. But will have to try it again after this. Took me a while to get used to applying Sheercover, but once I got it right, it is really great. And, yeeha for me, i can also boast a bit of "adult acne", and it covers that really well too.

2. Alba jeans - they were the super skinny jeans and just the most amazing fit and colour....that was until I sat down...serious butt crack...and although they looked super sexy...I JUST COULD NOT GET MYSELF TO BUY THEM for that reason. I was so gutted, because as long as I was never going to sit down again (!), they looked HOT! Tried them on 2 just to make sure the 1st experience wasn't as bad as I thought, but there again in the mirror was my version of "builders bum". The other weird thing was they were light in colour. I am an avid fashion magazine reader (reading them on check-out whilst grocery shopping would surley count towards my quota) and all fashion mags say that if you are n't like a size 0 (I make myself feel better by assuring myself that if I was a Hollywood star, I would be!), you should go for dark colours. But to date, I have been itching to buy a pair (the trend is almost over man!), I haven't found a dark pair that doesn't make me look like twin tree trunks with a muffin top (the little roll of fat over the top of your jeans for those not in the know). So, the search continues and this "almost" gorgeous pair of jeans have given me hope...

3. eve Magazine - it's a UK magazine, and it seriously ROCKS! Even though its imported and we have none of the stores or clothes etc, the articles are sooooo good...I would like to mention that I am closer to 30 than 20...but I do love Cosmopolitan Bride! But then I like Martha Stewart's bridal stuff too, does that make to Cosmo thing null and void....mmmmmm!

Ok, that is it...see you soon!


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