Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How about it is nearly Christmas...yay! I love this time of year even though I live in a country that has its summer then, the Kiwi Christmas is quite a cool thing too. I do hate the commercialness and the giving of gifts just for giving sake...but what can be done about that?

I have decided to attempt a Half Marathon (21 kms) and my training started yesterday...OMG, I would not be lying to you if I said that after the run I seriously did not think I was going to be able to make it down the bus steps when I got off at my stop. I was almost tempted to slide down the steps on my backside to avoid having my legs buckle from under me and collapsing down them anyway! And getting out of bed this morning was amusing in itself. I hear that it gets easier but at the moment, I just keep thinking that I have no idea what I have taken on. But I needed a new challenge, and this is it...so watch this space.

Right, and what I have tried that I really liked this week -

1. Lancome Lipsticks
I have recently acquired 2 rather nice lipsticks from Lancome:
Rouge Absolu and Rouge Magnetic
They both go on soooo smoothly and are long wearing I found...really nice! I had a look at a few websites to try and determine what was the diffs between the 2 and one seems to be more long wearing than the other but I never really noticed to be honest. I just really liked both.

2. Another CD, this time from Starbucks (!) called "Santa Baby"
I love Christmas CD's...yeah, rather naff I know but I still enjoy. Not all of them though, some are just too much even for me so it was nice to find this one. It also has one of my favourite songs on it by Peggy Lee called "I'll be seeing you". It was on "The Notebook"...one of my all time favourite movies (and the CD is fab too), absolutely LOVED IT! A must see for all of you out there.

3. The Devil wears Prada
I went and saw this in the week and really enjoyed it...the clothes are to die for! But I s'posse that is an easy call when you have "the closet" available to you to at any time. Yes, not remotely true in the real world but how boring would movies be if they were. Yuck.

And last but not least, a good gossip...
Is it just me or is Katie Holmes getting more and more beautiful by the day. And Suri is just the cutest thing imaginable, good to see she actually exists. I read an article that said that Katie really would like to protect her from the press...I just don't know, I cannot decide if I would enjoy all the fame and perks at the cost of my anonymity or whether I am blessed to be just Joe Bloggs who can go to the mall with no make-up and catch a movie just whenever I like. I just cannot decide! Do you think they would let me trade for a day to see? Interesting to hear that Posh and J-Lo are now new best friends. They will have heaps in common too, to normal girls who made good, very good. Lucky them I say....maybe one of them will let me trade with them for a day to see if I would like to be Rich&Famous!


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