Monday, March 02, 2009

I adore Richard Branson....

He is seriously the coolest!

Every time he does something, I love him more. And he is just such a normal guy, a fabulously rich normal guy, with a private island paradise, but pretty normal he remains. And so humble, that is what I find endearing. And then his entrepreneurial abilities, I find those inspirational. I recently read an article where he said that
moguls like him had a responsibility, as well as an opportunity, to expand as the global economy shrinks. That it's important that companies like Virgin, that can afford to expand, do expand in times of recession. Otherwise we'll never get out of recessions, just more and more people will lose jobs, everybody freezes, nobody does anything and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Seriously, has the man been looking in my head. Admittedly, the mogul part wasn't me....but the bit about people freezing and creating a massive spiral effect....MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!

Things do need to change though and now they will. And for the better...the light is there, and if we all unite and head in the same direction...we will be sooooooo much better off once we reach the other side.

Richard Branson, you seriously rock!

PS I was so jealous to miss out on the launch of V Australia in Sydney last week....looked awesome!
PSS I can't wait do a round-the-world trip with V and Virgin.Yeeha...bring it on!



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