Sunday, March 01, 2009

OMG - something really cool happened in my world this week, like seriously awesome! The coolest thing ever.Mmmm, probably the coolest thing in the past week at least.

Ok, now I have built it up sooo much and you are going to be all disappointed when I tell you what it is. It's not like I found a cure to a serious disease or the answer to one of life's mysteries....oh, ok, I 'll just tell you...I found my 1st genuine vintage piece EVER in an op shop!


How exciting is that???? I so understand why people get hooked now. I never did because I thought I must have missed the band wagon on this and every real piece of vintage had been snaffled up! But, alas no! It seems there are still a few last pieces left out there...AND I GOT ONE OF THEM.

So there I was, during an 'oh so exciting' lunch break, having a look at all the op shops along K'Rd when I found myself checking out the bag section. Cluthches are ALL the rage right now so I picked up a large, navy blue one with nice detail, not super small, almost like a big envelope so perfect size. As I opened it and got a whiff of old lady (love that smell, reminds me of my nana's stuff), I spot the's a Hermès! How exciting is that...and for only $20! I absoltuely love looks GREAT with everthing. I feel so Carrie from Sex in the City when I use it.

So as you do, I went and had a quick look at the Hermès is the cutest site! Once you choose your country, 2 options come up. I liked the little man with wings (he must like red bull!) so clicked on him. This takes you to an interactive site with a whole bunch of options including one where you can download, print, cut and paste your very own Kelly Bag - I want it, I'll have it ! How adorable is that....and the designs are the cutest!

We aren't going to talk about the 'D' (code for DIET) because I had a Hen's night last night with copious amounts of bubbles, cheese and crackers, cupcakes and vodka jelly shots! Moving on....

And on the subject of bubbles...which I adore, I had the most delicious bubbles a few weeks back called
Gosset...I think it was the Brut Excellence NV. Yum! Highly recommend. Went down exceptionally smooth.

Um, yes, I think that is it from me....nothing else really exciting to tell you.


Kiss kiss love love

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