Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, the good news is that it appears the longer you deprive yourself, the easier it gets! That whole size 0 concept makes a lot more sense to me now...they have all forgotten how to eat!
I have a friend that has lost an enormous amount of weight and looks AMAZING (note to the girls: boys that lose weight are also never happy - that 1 or 2 kgs eludes them too!).
Anyways, he was saying that over eating is like Alcoholism....our alcohol is the pies, cakes, pastries, cheeses, ..... (fill your poison in here) all the yummy stuff really...and as 'overeaters', we just can't go there.
Like ever.
Just like an alcoholic, you can't just have a little, it has to be culled completely.
Sooooooooooooooooo depressing....but I can see a little truth in that. Is a little ever enough?


I leave for Hawai'i on a business trip on Friday that will be interesting....will keep you posted. On the eating and Hawai'i...

Cute stuff...
My BFF is pregnant and due in June. I wanted to get her something really special and as the universe always provides, I found a flyer - that's right...found it - in some recycling I was putting away at work and it attracted me. I am so glad that it did because I received my package today and it is cuter than cute!
It's a scrapbook and box and truly the perfect gift.
Check out
My Story from Parents Inc if you are looking for the 'bestest' gift EVER!

Team Universe...
Every morning when I get into work, I have an email from the Universe waiting for me.
Although it's actually from
The Adventurers Club and I love it!
Always puts a smile on my face...get your self signed up, it will make you smile too.
Gala Darling for that little awesome kiwi chic done good...secretly hate her a little because she lives in New York...but she's too lovely not to adore.)

Right team, over and out!

PS Off to carry on writing my book....over 50,000 words at the moment and excited as hell! Nearly there all you potential readers, nearly there!


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