Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm back from outta space, da da, seriously, hi!

It has been so busy since I left for Hawaii and since I have been back...serioulsy flat out. I bet you are wondering how it was? Well, not a bad spot, something for everyone. Liked Waikiki...quite cool. Maui....ummm, might need to go back and check out Hana Road and the volcano. Liked Kapalua, particilary the Ritz...liked that a lot! Whales were cool too....did you know that no one has ever seen 2 hump back whales mate??? Like ever!!!! That blew me away, it todays world of wildlife documentaries for africa (translation: a lot) etc, and still, these guys remain as elusive as ever. Good on them I say....
US now verrrrrryyyyy expensive with weak kiwi $! I don't convert when I am travelling, no point really...but I did feel a little sick @ NZ$8 for a frappaccino from Starbucks. But not sick enough to pass up on another vanilla bean frappaccino (there were at leat 3, maybe even 4!), which I have to say was mighttttyyyy fine.
So yes, i not only love starbucks (sorry...I hope that doesn't end some of our blossoming relationships) but worse, I fell off the weight wagon and consumed empty calories. But I didn't bring any that is good!

So....back to it....


Went for a run after work....nearly not bad after a week of nothing. Although I did A LOT of walking in Hawaii and Sydney.


So what's new...

Let's talk Oscars...

Congrats Heath, where ever you. x rock! Good on, did wonder about the dress choice though. Sorry...I know, it your moment of glory....but, yeah, I will leave it at that.
SJP - bring it home baby...loving the dress, where did those boobies come from???
Angelina...not a fan...but those earings were a nice touch.
Elle darling, what happened???
Jessica Biel, 2 dresses, 2 winners...I wouldn't have been able to choose either... invite got lost, have you changed my address yet??
I have no idea who you are Garcelle Beauvais or Tia Carrere, but loving your dress choices.
And last but not least...Victoria, Kate and Eva...there is so a spot for a 4th BFF in there! Call me, we'll do lunch....or coffee, if food is a know, water is fine too. Seriously, I'll work with you, let's catch up...yes?

And on too the other side of the ditch, I had a quick look at London Fashion Week....and who the hell is Qasimi and why have I never heard of them...have I been living under a rock! OMG, their stuff is amazing....Yasmin le Bon totally rocked that dress.

Congrats Mel C....and welcome little Scarlett. You are looking amazing...just fabulous.

You MUST, MUST, MUST go and see "He's just not that into you!"
Priceless...adored it. Even though I was with a girlfreind who is in a similiar situation (I believe) and she cannot see it. Nothing, nada, niks!
Great movie though...gather your gal pals and go see it.
Kate, Victoria and Eva...I'm keen to see it again if you are?

Ok, enough crap for one night...

Kiss kiss love love


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