Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, I leave for Hawaii today...and although every man and his dog is excited and would love to swap places with me...I still can't muster up any excitement as it is going to take me 20 hours to get to a place that should only have taken 7!

So instead of landing up in Europe (which also takes 20 hours), I am actually on an island not too far from NZ! Crazy...

Why you ask???

Why indeed....

Well, the direct Air New Zealand flights were full so now I am going to Sydney (3hours - so in effect backtracking), waiting 4 hours for a connecting flight, then in the air for 10 hours to Honolulu (recovering miles I had only flown a mere 4 hours before). Then I wait for 3 hours for a connecting flight to Maui (Paradise I hope)...only to have to pick up a car and DRIVE ON THE WRONG SIDE of the road, after no sleep, for another 40 minutes!


But that is what I get to do today....still want to swap?

No? ...didn't think so.

But I have packed in my sneakers...still have my wasitline to consider...ever thought I am on US soil and we all know what that means...Yes, I'll SUPER SIZE that, thanks for asking!

Will keep you posted...if I make it and don't land up in some arse end of the world.


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