Monday, March 16, 2009

Detoxing superhero?

I haven't brought this up in a while...I was trying to whole "If you ignore it long enough, it will disappear" type attitude. Seems that sort of attitude doesn't actually work very effectively. Huh! Who would have thought...has worked quite effectively in other areas of my life...but alas, not this one if would seem.

Anyways, I digress...back to the point...I felt absolutely shit this morning.
Shit and angry!
Louise Hay would have a field day with that one...angry translates to fear! In my case, a fear of being a fatty all my life.
So, on the spur of the moment, I decided on a Detox Diet. No planning, no being able to talk myself out of it (although I did try....), no last minute backing out.
Traditionally, I have been useless at these. To counteract that I am trying to focus on it being only 3 days...and what is 3 days actually in the greater scheme of things!!!!
And it's not as if I will starve because I don't have a few extra pounds to feed off for energy, I'm not Victoria Beckham or anything.
So, I have begun and I am sure that I feel lighter already.
As always, will keep you posted.

I think that I may have a penchant for Superheroes.
I went and saw The Watchman last night and I tell you what...Dr Manhattan was H-O-T!
I have no idea if it was because of his aloofness. Or the fact that he could teleport me to where ever and when ever I wanted. Nothing would ever be off limits again. And, the fact that he can be in more than one place at one time and more than one person at one time would surely have to have its advantages???? And, its not like you would be left wondering about the "goods" if you know what I was all out there and on display.
But, it isn't just Dr Manhattan...
I saw the shorts for Hugh Jackman's X-men Origins: Wolverine movie...
OMG! Hot, hot, hot...
I love it when they turn Comic book heroes into movies...I am not a fan of comics but in movie format...I likey very muchey!
I adored the latest Batman movies too...Christian Bale...well, do I even need to say it....Hot, hot, hot!
I wonder if this borders on a fetish...I will have to think about that.
Anyways, go and see the movie and let me would have been awesome in 3D.

Ok, that is enough of divulging my secrets....

Kiss kiss love love

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