Sunday, April 19, 2009

I hate to admit it....

But I have been sucked hook, line and 'sink your teeth into me' for the Twilight badly as every other 13 year old out there it seems.

And even worse, I am so 'Team Edward' it's pathetic.
But what's not to love about Edward? He is gorgeous, sensitive, rich and ....totally off limits! A lethal combination.

Poor Jacob is just too available and didn't stand a chance (hence the much smaller fan base).

And that is what has amazed me most about the series and the movie...well, apart from the overall concept - I am so jealous Stephanie, amazing job!
It seems age is no matter how old, from very young with trainer bras to recently menopausal...all females are gagging for him. Like it is genetically built into us to want what we simply cannot have! He is a vampire for god sake, he feeds on blood (even if it is animal blood), you have to DIE to be with him!

But he loves passionately, as does Bella and that is the key.
We all want someone to love us so unequivocally that nothing means anything to them if it doesn't include us.
And even better if the person in question is someone that others want...and they choose YOU!

Hell yeah! Aphrodisiac central....

Edward is sooo the complete package and as none of us can have our own taste (with Edward at least) we will live vicariously through Bella thank you very much, just like Stephanie Meyer.

Although I wouldn't say no to Rob Pattinson either ...he might even wear the contact lenses every now and then, you know, to spice things up! And maybe play me that lullaby.
Oh swoon, be still my beating heart....'scuse the pun.

Ah well, one can hope!

But I am very much looking forward to the release of New Moon for my next fix.

Yeah baby...

PS I do wonder what is going on with R and K... interesting! Ah, time will tell.....

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