Friday, October 02, 2009

Do I love her or do I hate her...????

I just have no frecken idea... I'm torn on this one. Her "I just don't give a fuck" attitude really rubs me up the wrong way.... but I can't decide if it's because its really annoying or if it is because I am so jealous of her "I just don't give a fuck" coolness that anything she does would fuck me off??? 

Who am I crapping on about....??? 
None other than the Kristen Stewart! 

I just don't know about her and RPatz either.... I think it is weird how they don't just be together if they want to be together and like, who gives a shit what anyone thinks, or doesn't think. But then I sort of understand that if they are together, or aren't, they are making a stand and declaring that it really doesn't have anything to do with anyone else. Like it is the only thing they have any control over in their crazy, nutty lives at the moment that they are hanging on for all they are worth. 

But, she does look frecken amazing in the latest she did in 'Interview'... 

This actual interview though at comic con has really left my befuddled... she acts like an attention seeking kid here... and I can't work out if it is because she is jealous of RPatz or just giving the whole thing the finger because she is part of this phenomena that is totally commercial and against EVERY SINGLE THING she wants to stand for or be part of and really, really over it. KS was so not cool in this clip... whereas Taylor and Ashley come across as real professionals. Are RP and KS together just making a stand, giving the sly fuck'y all to the world.... cause you know, they're 'Robsten' and they can. Like, who is going to do what about it???

Yeah, exactly. 

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