Saturday, May 16, 2009

What does a post(wo)man do with his bike at the end of the day?

He takes it home of course!

I know... I never thought about it either but today I had to pick up my (Strawberrynet) package at a NZ Post depot and there were all these cars, at least 50 of them, all lined up... with postie bikes on the back! It took me a minute to work it out and when I did... I was enthralled. It was the most comical sight to me. One of those things that won't quite change my life forever but that I really enjoyed realising. And apparently, they get all the gear supplied.
Ah bless!
Better than a warehouse of sad, hang dog little bikes, waiting for their masters to claim them.

And on packages... don't you adore receiving a package from Strawberrynet?
It is like a wee little gift to yourself. And I love how you can recognise the packaging, not matter where in the world you are. I saw a girl in New York carrying a package down the street from Strawberrynet and I had a little rush of recognition... I was almost tempted to high five her I was that excited.
Love, love, love Strawberrynet...
I bet you want to know what I got.... was low key this time, not the usual uncontrollable splurge that normally occurs (pat on the back for me for showing some restraint!).
Well, my little white package with lavender ribbon contained a smaller, silver package that revealed none other than the most kick arse mascara I have had the pleasure of experiencing in a VERY long time.... the stunnning, the amazing, the cannot live without LANCÔME Virtuôse ... OMG, IT ROCKS! Try it if you can... your world will be a better place.


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