Sunday, May 17, 2009

All in good time I know...

But holy hell... this book is taking long to write!
Hardly had a spare minute to write this weekend what with the writers festival (enjoyed Sarah-Kate Lynch and Nicky Pellegrino... gives me hope that I to can do this), the Art Museum (Yinka Shonibare... very interesting, particularly liked Reverend on Ice 2005) and a full on baby shower... no time for ME, ME, ME!

Enjoying Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott... great stuff for a new writer riddled by self-doubt... apparently that never changes so at least I have that down pat.

Trying to get the hang of Twitter too (signed up at last).... gees, language of its own... just got FB figured out! Mmmmm, interesting... don't have any friends on it (that I know off ... might have to do that invite thingy through FB and email... agggg!) so have been 'forced' to follow celebs I like... very voyeuristic really! But sweet, nice to hear it from them rather than a distorted version through the media.

Ok, off to watch 8Mile... instead of write! Naughty, naughty...

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