Thursday, September 03, 2009

And on another note...

Where the hell did August go??? One nice thing though is that SUMMER is on the way and my S.A.D will soon be relieved with sunshine and heaps of daylight hours. Bring it on! 

I have a small wee confession to make too... I might possibly, maybe, probably have got into the Harry Potter series! I know... like how slow was I off the mark. But you see, she writes well, like really well... and when I first tried to read her books back in the early 2000's, I didn't notice that. And I hated the movies. 

But then I saw a bio on her and as I write myself now, I was very taken. Which got me thinking.... and so of course I googled her and  when Stephen King said she could write, I had to check it out again. So I picked up the first issue... and then the 2nd... and then went to the video store and got both very battered and so-seen-better days copies out and watched them back to back... and was freshly amazed at how wonderful JK's mind works... just awe inspiring and frecken amazing really! So, only a decade or so late, I am a fan! (Ste
phen also said that Stephanie Meyer couldn't write for shit and her sales have been through the roof.. so he isn't always right! I loved her books). 

Plus, my little ginga fetish has reared it's head again and I might have a teeny tiny crush on Rupert (aka  Ron). He is sooo cute....  and he can act. The cougar rating brings him just under acceptable age but really, what is a year or two when he is so h-o-t? And very much over consenting age.  

So, now onto the third book... hope it keeps getting better. 

Just saw a piece on DJ AM...suicide? It still makes me sad. Why, oh, why? And we will never know. 

Till later ... xxx

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