Saturday, September 18, 2010

OMG, are these shots not just heart-stoppingly beautiful. As always, W excels.. truely amazing...!

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Be still my beating heart!

I just cannot get enough of the amazing 'The Notebook'... it is just soooooo stunning and one of my favourite favourites EVER! RG and RM are just amazing.... I just want to eat RG with a spoon... really, really slowly! I haven't watched the movie in ages (of course, I own the DVD) and cried like it was the first time I ever saw it! Was so inspired that I pulled the book out again and re-reading. Only on pg 42, Allie has just arrived at Noah's .... eek! So can't remember how Nicholas Spark's set the story out, so interesting to re-read again!

And on Nicholas Sparks... like isn't he just the most amazing writer. His ideas and writing are just incredible. I think its his ideas that blow my mind. Wow! I haven't read 'Dear John' or 'The Last Song' yet and probably won't before I see the movies, but I saw on Twitter that Last Song is #1 on the USA Today best-seller list, and Dear John is #2. That as a writer must feel very, very good! Good on ya, Mr Sparks!

The other half is back to Uni so I'm left to my own devices mostly. Yesterday, I went and got 6 (yes, 6!) Romance movies. Watched 'Love in the time of cholera' last night. Couldn't finish the book (i really, really tried!) and in parts I found the movie slow too... but it was still ever so beautiful. Just beautiful. Will see what the other 5 hold!

Had to have a break from my new obsession - Stookie Stackhouse! Consumed 3 in 3 days.... need a rest now from how she continually gets beaten up! Love Anna Paquin... and Stephen has a damned sexy accent! Bet his delightful with whispering sweet nothings!

Ok, got to go...


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Lovely Bones

At last.... I managed to see this in what must surely be one of its last weeks on the big screen.

The book; I loved it! Really, really loved it. I was crying even before the end of the first chapter. I also love Peter Jackson - he's so clever, and so gifted. I was really excited when I heard that he was making a movie based in it...

And that's the crux of it..... only based on it. Firstly, good call on Mark W. I love Ryan G, but I think that Mark was better cast here. Although it would have been very interesting to see what Ryan G would have done with the part.... he's an amazing actor and would surely have surprised me.

Ironically, it was the part of the book that I was most concerned about what PJ would do with to make it seem real that he did the best with - when Susie comes to claim her kiss before moving on. Now admittedly, I haven't read the book in a long time.... perhaps 3-4 years at least... but a feeling I got when reading it was definitely lost in translation in the movie... the feeling that Susie was ok, that although her death was horrendous and too awful for anyone to ever really imagine, she was ok in her heaven. It was those of us that were left behind that struggled the most. But in the movie, Susie wasn't that ok. There was other things that were different (or I might not be able to remember them!)... the dad being beaten, the break in, Riley and Holiday's small parts, the major part of the grandmother, the mom leaving, the ending.... a lot of creative license was in the movie. Which, to be fair, is one of the reasons why I love watching a movie that has been made based on a book because ultimately, you are watching that person's vision come to life rather than your own.

So The Lovely Bones wasn't bad, in fact it was a good movie and visually breathtaking..... it just wasn't the book.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love Jennifer Aniston....

It's true! And I always get a fright when I realise that.
I just watched 'Management' with Jen and Steve Zahn.... and I really enjoyed it. Jen seems to play those parts so well. It's like Along came Polly and The Good Girl.... I just like the warm fuzzy feeling that it imparts. She's gorgeous, but she seems to do ordinary gal trying to find her way so well.

So, again, it's totally and completely official - I am without a doubt TEAM ANISTON! I just don't know what Mr Pitt was thinking - although I'm sure I know what he was thinking with- but still, so not cool!


Friday, October 23, 2009


If I could take photos like this, my life would be complete! 

Friday, October 02, 2009

Do I love her or do I hate her...????

I just have no frecken idea... I'm torn on this one. Her "I just don't give a fuck" attitude really rubs me up the wrong way.... but I can't decide if it's because its really annoying or if it is because I am so jealous of her "I just don't give a fuck" coolness that anything she does would fuck me off??? 

Who am I crapping on about....??? 
None other than the Kristen Stewart! 

I just don't know about her and RPatz either.... I think it is weird how they don't just be together if they want to be together and like, who gives a shit what anyone thinks, or doesn't think. But then I sort of understand that if they are together, or aren't, they are making a stand and declaring that it really doesn't have anything to do with anyone else. Like it is the only thing they have any control over in their crazy, nutty lives at the moment that they are hanging on for all they are worth. 

But, she does look frecken amazing in the latest she did in 'Interview'... 

This actual interview though at comic con has really left my befuddled... she acts like an attention seeking kid here... and I can't work out if it is because she is jealous of RPatz or just giving the whole thing the finger because she is part of this phenomena that is totally commercial and against EVERY SINGLE THING she wants to stand for or be part of and really, really over it. KS was so not cool in this clip... whereas Taylor and Ashley come across as real professionals. Are RP and KS together just making a stand, giving the sly fuck'y all to the world.... cause you know, they're 'Robsten' and they can. Like, who is going to do what about it???

Yeah, exactly. 

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

And on another note...

Where the hell did August go??? One nice thing though is that SUMMER is on the way and my S.A.D will soon be relieved with sunshine and heaps of daylight hours. Bring it on! 

I have a small wee confession to make too... I might possibly, maybe, probably have got into the Harry Potter series! I know... like how slow was I off the mark. But you see, she writes well, like really well... and when I first tried to read her books back in the early 2000's, I didn't notice that. And I hated the movies. 

But then I saw a bio on her and as I write myself now, I was very taken. Which got me thinking.... and so of course I googled her and  when Stephen King said she could write, I had to check it out again. So I picked up the first issue... and then the 2nd... and then went to the video store and got both very battered and so-seen-better days copies out and watched them back to back... and was freshly amazed at how wonderful JK's mind works... just awe inspiring and frecken amazing really! So, only a decade or so late, I am a fan! (Ste
phen also said that Stephanie Meyer couldn't write for shit and her sales have been through the roof.. so he isn't always right! I loved her books). 

Plus, my little ginga fetish has reared it's head again and I might have a teeny tiny crush on Rupert (aka  Ron). He is sooo cute....  and he can act. The cougar rating brings him just under acceptable age but really, what is a year or two when he is so h-o-t? And very much over consenting age.  

So, now onto the third book... hope it keeps getting better. 

Just saw a piece on DJ AM...suicide? It still makes me sad. Why, oh, why? And we will never know. 

Till later ... xxx

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Love, love, love...

How I love this woman... gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous all the time! 
AMAZING.... love the bag, just perfect. 
C'mon Anna... give the girl her cover already. 

PS And those kids are so cute you could eat them with a spoon... no spoon required for Daniel though!